Google + Salesforce = ? For Nonprofits

Shout out to CMSWire’s recap of the Dreamforce announcement concerning Google’s partnership with Salesforce.  Coming into this story party way through as a noob to the Salesforce platform, it gave me some helpful insights.

CMSWire asserts that Salesforce’s partnership with Google Cloud gives it the primary-color preferring cloud vendor the heft and gravitas it needs to be taken seriously by CIOs as a provider of enterprise level services.  Its funny to me how this seems like the opposite of the trend in nonprofits; I’ve talked to a lot of nonprofit tech folks who have taken their organizations onto Office365 in recent years for much the same reason.  I myself am one of them (my org wasn’t on full G-Suite, so our move was about going to ANYTHING enterprise-level, rather than which of the two).  There’s a perception that G-Suite is all well and good for the scrappy grassroots NPO, but when its time to professionalize and GET SERIOUS, you have to embrace a serious operating system.

Of course, getting Office365 for free through the hugely popular TechSoup program is probably the primary driver for most nonprofits, and it was for mine, too.  Google for Nonprofits is just not as well known in nonprofit circles, and most NPOs are already enrolled in TechSoup in some way; getting your free Office just seems like a natural next step.

I’d kill to see a survey of nonprofits that showed what portion were on Office versus Google; my instinct is that the sector leans to the former rather than the later.  If so, Salesforce cozing up to Google has ramifications for the popularity of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack.